These days it seems almost all of the news is bad, but I recently had an experience that renewed my faith in people – ordinary people.

I recently joined my son in Providence during parents weekend at Johnson & Wales. We took a day trip to Newport and rented scooters from Scooter World. We toured around the island and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Later in the evening I realized that I had lost my diamond bracelet. After searching frantically for hours I sat, crestfallen at this bad fortune. The following day I called Scooter World and spoke with Robert Bidlack, the owner. With no hesitation Mr. Bidlack reported that Dylan and Nate – both college students working for Scooter World — found my bracelet.

Dylan and Nate, and Scooter World, have renewed my faith in people. They deserve recognition for their honesty and integrity, and have my heartfelt thanks.

Rebecca, San Francisco

I heard about the possibility of scooter-ing in Newport and became obsessed with the idea. My boyfriend and I finally made the trip on a gorgeous Monday afternoon. We were originally going to Scooter Inc down the street but they were closed (?!). Scooter World saved the day!

Since my boyfriend had absolutely zero confidence in my ability to ride a scooter, we opted for the 3-wheelers, which are a lot easier to ride. I thought I was too cool for the goofy lookin’ thing at first, but man, it ended up being the COOLEST EVER. We rode around Ocean Ave and Bellevue Ave and enjoyed the amazing views by the water (and the mansions). Everyone LOVED us and I did not see a single person we passed who wasn’t smiling at us from ear-to-ear 🙂

Kim C. Boston MA

Good service, attentive staff and a good experience renting from them…. they have been on the island a long time and people keep coming back for a reason. Would recommend… good experience, easy, tank was full, good equipment, quick in and out to get a scooter etc….

Steve R Newport RI

Great rates. Great service. Great rides. Great time! 🙂

Brian Partington

Spent 4 days in Newport and enjoyed a 2 hour scooter adventure with a couple ladies. The guys were wonderful, patient and fun. A full map of sights to see with directions to get around the beautiful island! Winston helped with most of the plans and the quick lesson and we were on our way! We had so much fun we went back the next day to rent a Jeep! Rates were very reasonable! Thanks for a great time!

Ronda,Lake Zurich IL